MTR September 3rd–6th, 2021 — Racine, Wisconsin

All routes are now live on Ride with GPS and can be accessed at the following link:


September 3, 2021

Ice Cream Ride: 18 miles on your own. One of our stops is Apple Holler. You’ll want to leave early to see the goats on the Golden Goat Bridge. And take a backpack so you can bring back some of their renowned apple cider donuts! They close at 5:00, so ride early! If you are running a little late for Apple Holler, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at Dairy Queen, across the street from the host hotel.


September 4, 2021

Options for approximately 36, 48, or 68 miles that will take you into the Wisconsin countryside west of Racine. Depending on the route you select, you will have 1 or 2 rest stops in addition to the lunch stop. Lunch will be catered by O&H Bakery, and will include a slice of kringle, just because Racine is the kringle capital of the world!

All routes proceed together for the first 18 miles to Old Settlers Park. We will have a police escort at the beginning to help us navigate out of the city. The short route will have lunch at the “Large Open Shelter”. Look for the “Bingo” sign on the shelter. And if all else fails, look for a bunch of tandems and food! Rest stop for Medium and Long routes will be adjacent to the lunch stop. Old Settlers Park is adjacent to Fairgrounds Park. We will enter Fairgrounds Park on Highway 45. Look for the red MTR signs described under “Route Markings” to help navigate through Fairgrounds Park to Old Settlers Park.

From the lunch stop, short riders will proceed back to the hotel, with a short loop out of Union Grove. Medium and long riders will ride together to Highway 75, where the routes split. Medium route riders will circle back for lunch at the “Bingo” shelter at Old Settlers Park. On the return route, you will enter the park from Highway 11. Long riders continue enjoying the beautiful countryside to Burlington, where you will enjoy a rest stop at Echo Veterans Memorial Park. Please note that some of the markings from the long route will be a little different by request of the City of Burlington. Look for turns to be marked with blue or white Dan Henrys, as well as MTR signs posted at the turns. If there is a discrepancy between a white Dan Henry and an MTR sign, please follow the white Dan Henry, just in case the wind or some mischievous children turned the sign. Following the rest stop at Echo Park, long route riders will enjoy some more countryside, including the scenic area along Mt. Tom Road, as you bike back to Old Settlers Park for lunch at the “Bingo Shelter”.

All routes follow the same route back to the hotel from Old Settlers Park.

Hours for rest stops and lunch:

Old Settlers Park in Union Grove:

  • Rest Stop: 10:00 AM – approximately noon.
  • Lunch Stop: 11:15 AM – 2:30 PM.

Echo Veterans Memorial Park (Long route only):

  • Rest Stop: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


September 5, 2021

30, 44, or 53 mile routes, or short ride option of 16 miles (16-mile ride has remote start — see below). Today’s rides are all about the big and beautiful Lake Michigan! We will have a police escort through the heart of the city for all routes beginning from the hotel. We expect to pass some unique architecture, including the SC Johnson Golden Rondelle, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Following the police escort to the lake, we will follow the Lake Michigan Pathway north. You will experience some breathtaking views of the lake, as well as pass by North Beach and the Racine Zoo. As routes continue north, hugging the Lake Michigan shoreline where possible, you can visit the Wind Point lighthouse that was the inspiration for our MTR logo. You will find lots of photo opportunities along the lakefront. There will be one rest stop and a lunch stop at Cliffside Park. Be sure to check out the alpacas on Michna Road coming into the park! If you are unable to make the 9:00 AM mass start with police escort, or not comfortable with urban riding, please begin with the remote start option from Cliffside Park, described below.

The short route riders will have lunch in Shelter 2 of the park, and continue back to the hotel, following mostly lightly traveled roads in the Racine area. Medium and long route riders will enjoy a rest stop in Shelter 1 of Cliffside Park, and ride a loop back to Cliffside Park for lunch. Medium and long riders are together for several miles before the route splits. Following lunch, all routes ride back to the hotel together.

Remote Start Option: 16 miles. Please consider this route if you are unable to make the mass start or are uncomfortable with urban riding. This route offers some scenic views along the shoreline. We will follow the lakefront south to 3 mile road, where we circle back to Cliffside Park. You will still see the Wind Point Lighthouse reflected in our jersey design, as well as experience all of the beauty that the lakefront has to offer.

One final note about today’s routes – it would not be summer in Wisconsin without a little construction! There is construction both near the hotel and on Highway 20, where we believe at this time the police escort will take us. Last week when we started printing cue sheets we believed it would be on 16th Street. Be assured the police will take us on the best route based on construction status on September 5. We provided an “Addendum” to Sunday’s ride to show the route on Highway 20. The two routes merge together on Highway 20/Washington Avenue near the lakefront. There is not more than a .2 difference in distance, so riders should not see a significant discrepancy in their cue sheets or Ride with GPS navigation.

Hours for rest stops and lunch:

Cliffside Park:

  • Rest Stop in Shelter 1: 10:15 AM – approximately 2:30 PM
  • Lunch in Shelter 2: 11:15 AM – 2:30 PM


September 6, 2021

Breakfast Ride

16 miles. On your own ride starting from the hotel, which will route past Martha’s Pancake House Cafe and Meli Café. A light continental breakfast will also be available at the host hotel. Another option is to visit Apple Holler if you missed it on Friday. Their breakfast will open at 9:00 AM.

Road Markings

For Saturday & Sunday MTR routes, the roads will be marked with symbols (“Dan Henrys”). The Saturday routes will be marked with BLUE road symbols, while the Sunday routes will be marked with YELLOW symbols.

The three directional symbols we are using, and what they indicate, are shown in the table below:

In some cases you may see a letter next to or below this symbol.

M = Medium route
L = Long route
R = Remote start route

For example, the symbol + letter below indicates that the “Medium” route turns left:

In some cases the route may also be marked with informational or directional MTR yard signs, such as shown in the photo below:

Note that these road markings may at times be obscured by parked vehicles or traffic on the road, so please do not rely exclusively on the road markings. Using your detailed cue sheets, maps, the road markings, yard signs and (for those who use it) RIDE with GPS, we hope that you will have no trouble finding your way!

Sag Support

Sag Support is being provided by club members Art Tillman and Stan Frey. They will be on the course. If you need to be taken to the bike mechanics, you may call Art or Stan (see the printed event booklet you’ll receive at registration for their phone numbers). They will be happy to assist you from their truck if they are able or take you to a mechanic at the lunch stop.

Bicycle Repair

Expert mechanics will be available from Wheel & Sprocket in the south parking lot of the hotel before Saturday and Sunday mass starts and will be available at the lunch stops on Saturday and Sunday.

Mass Starts

There will be mass starts for both Saturday and Sunday rides at 9:00 AM. Please arrive at 8:45 AM for announcements. The mass starts will be in the south (side) parking lot. If you are able, try to park in that parking lot to minimize inconvenience to other guests as people are gathering for announcements. We will have a police escort at the beginning of both Saturday and Sunday rides to help us navigate through the city.

Event Location

Delta by Marriott-Racine

7111 Washington Ave
Racine, WI 53406

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